1 – IMAGI ensures water treatment without any intervention on your part, even while you are swimming: a very precise and self-regulating disinfection management of your pool (pH regulation and chlorine dosing). It uses an amperometric sensor with membrane for chlorine management and filtration times based on the temperature of the water and the air. It ensures a higher quality of water without any odour.

2 – The maintenance chore no longer exists, the totally autonomous robot takes care of everything for you thanks to a booster pump integrated with the FX pump (Magiline patent).

3 – And iMAGI automatically manages the temperature and the water level in your swimming pool. Problems solved.

4 – iMAGI ends waste and offers you intelligent “ECONOMIZING” methods: an optimization that continuously adapts all parameters to outside conditions and limitations. Reduced consumption of water, energy, disinfectant products, etc.

5 – You no longer need to winterize your swimming pool, you can even use it during the winter: the iMAGI system takes charge of your pool throughout the year and intelligently manages all parameters even in cases of severe frosts.

6 – And to continuously monitor your swimming pool, you can view and remotely act on all important functions of your pool via your smart phone, tablet or computer: temperature, cleaning, water treatment, lighting, etc.